The Iowa Chinese in Agriculture (ICIA), a non-profit and volunteer-based 501(c)3 organization, was established in 2006. ICIA members consist of professionals in research, education, production, and business in agriculture across Iowa. ICIA’s mission is to provide a platform to serve our local communities and to organize Chinese culture related events/activities to improve member’s after-work life (and at-work life). ICIA also to foster a favorable environment for attracting, retaining, and motivating world  class agricultural professionals to work in Iowa.

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ICIA 2017 印象中秋 摄影和绘画大赛 PDF Print E-mail

ICIA 2017 印象中秋


ICIA的所有朋友们, 大家好!

为了弘扬中华民族的传统文化,增加中秋佳节的文化气氛, ICIA将举办第二届印象中秋摄影和绘画大赛。 请大家踊跃参与,家长们可以鼓励 爱画画的孩子 参与竞赛。


1) 摄影比赛:

a. 与中秋佳节传统和文化有关的任何作品;

b. 照片必须是参赛者的原作, 但不限摄影时间;

c. 摄影作品比赛不分年龄;

d. 请将摄影作品(Full image)在107日中午12点前送给 Terry Hu This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

e. 摄影比赛设一等奖,二等奖和三等奖各一名

2) 绘画比赛

a. 与中秋佳节传统和文化有关的任何作品;

b. 绘画作品必须是参赛者的原作, 但不限绘画时间;

c. 绘画作品比赛分少年组 17岁以下)和成人组(18岁以上)

d. 请将摄影作品连同画架在1085点送到庆祝和比赛现场(4919 Aurora Ave)以供大家欣赏和评委打分

e. 绘画作品比赛少年组 和成人组各设一等奖,二等奖和三等奖各一名

如有任何有关摄影和绘画比赛的问题, 请和Terry Hu 联络!

ICIA Event Team

ICIA 2017 中秋节庆祝活动通知 Sep. 2017 PDF Print E-mail

Dear ICIA Family,


You and your family are invited to join ICIA 2017 Mid-Autumn(中秋节 ) Festival Party from 5 pm
to 9 pm on October 8, Sunday at Westchester Evangelical Free Church (4919 Aurora Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50310).

Please register as soon as possible (no later than Sept 30, Saturday see link below) for moon cake and main food (meat) preparation. It is a potluck and please bring your signature dishes (vegetable dishes preferred) to share with others.  Event planning team will have prizes for the best dishes.  As last year, there will also be contests for pictures and 诗词竞答. In addition, there will be a contest for 中秋related paintings or drawings (绘画). Details about the photo/drawing contests will be sent out later.   

Please be there on time, party will start at 5pm sharp. Please also take care of your kid(s) and help to keep the church facility clean. You are responsible for your family’s safety.

Evite link: http://evite.me/dxJWnY48wm


Tentative Agenda

5:00 – 6:00 PM   President’s Report, communication, friendship time

6:00 – 7:30PM   Dinner celebration, friendship time

7:30 – 9:00PM   Food prizes, picture and painting prizes, 诗词竞答(surprise prizes)

ICIA Event Planning Team


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漂流活动 August, 2017 PDF Print E-mail

ICIA Family,

许多会员表示对漂流感兴趣, ICIA将组织2017年夏季Des Moines River 漂流活动。


1. 时间:2017年8月12日,星期六 上午10点30 到下午3-4点;

2. 地点:Seven Oaks Recreation, 1086 222nd Drive, Boone IA 50036
从 Johnston开车到达目的地需要45分钟,但离 Ames很近。我们必须在 早上10点半之前到达, 填表,签字和 交费。 11点整,大巴会把我们送到漂流的起点上船,漂流距离7英里, 大概需要2-4小时。漂流结束后, 大巴会在终点接我们,把我们送回 Seven Oaks Recreation 的 停车场.

3. 费用(由参加者负责):

Canoe (可乘坐2-4 人) Rates $40/canoe (含2人), 第3人和第4人每人另加$8,再加$2坐垫租用费



4. ICIA 只为 大家负责组织联络和预订船只,每个家庭自己负责食品和饮料。食品和饮料可以带上船。我们将会在漂流途中在沙滩上停留,有足够时间吃饭,休息和自由交流。

5. 安全: 所有活动的安全问题由参加者自己负责;孩子们的安全由家长负责。

Seven Oaks Recreation要求每人签署 责任豁免协议,家长可以预先打印和签字。



United Way 2017 - July 2017 PDF Print E-mail

ICIA同事们, 朋友们: 大家好!

非常感谢你对ICIA的支持。本周更多的人(先锋公司为例)已收到United Way 赞助的email, 具有爱心和奉献精神的你, 一定又在考虑今年给United Way 的赞助。你所参与的Iowa Chinese In Agriculture (ICIA) 作为一个为社区服务的非营利组织,从2014年开始已经被United Way接受为受益会员, 可以通过United Way接受赞助。我们ICIA会员在2014年 和2015年通过United Way给ICIA的赞助, 在扣除少量管理费用后, 90%的赞助都按时转到了ICIA的帐号。在此,我代表ICIA全体会员向给ICIA提供赞助的朋友们表示感谢!

ICIA的宗旨是为在Des Moines地区的华人及社区友好人士提供一个相互交流帮助的平台,同时也提供有关服务和咨询,弘扬中华文化, 丰富社区生活。我们的活动经费主要来自会员的赞助,我们也一直寻求其它的赞助来源。通过组织各种活动, 例如庆祝春节, 中秋节,野外烧烤以及各种知识讲座等等活动,惠利于所有会员。附件是ICIA过去一年的收支明细表,你可以看到你所提供的赞助都用到了ICIA会员的有关社区活动和交流。通过你工作的单位给United Way赞助,有下列优势:1.你支持了你的工作单位对社区服务的愿望;2. 你支持了United Way; 3.你支持了我们的社区; 4.你的赞助是税前从你的工资单里扣除。

在你给United Way赞助时,如果希望能选择Iowa Chinese In Agriculture作为受益机构, 附件是如何通过杜邦先锋的捐款网站给ICIA提供赞助的详细步骤, 以供参考。如有问题, 请与会长常树君(Shujun)直接联络.

我代表ICIA, 感谢你的支持和慷慨赞助!


ICIA - serve our members in our communities

Website: http://www.iowachineseinagriculture.org


Shujun Chang, President

Photos from our Memorial Day Picnic May 2017 PDF Print E-mail

Dear ICIA members,

Hope you and your family enjoyed our group picnic on Memorial Day at Big Creek State Park. The pictures from the picnic have been loaded up to our photo gallery. Many thanks to Wang-Nan (老胡) for taking the pictures and Guanghong Chen for transferring the files! Enjoy!
Again, I would like to use this opportunity to thank you for your help and support (and good food) to make this picnic a success. Behind the success is the diligent work by Terry and our event planning team members. They are the ones prepared the delicious bulk food on the table (including the special treat - 粽子).
In the coming months, we will organize another "river floating" event (Seven Oaks Recreation). More details will come somewhere in July.  If you have any suggestions and comments for future activities, please don't hesitate to call me or email me.
Have a great weekend!
Shujun Chang, President


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